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Skyscrapper Review, Issue #19 - Fall 2005

A Coeur Léger Sommeil Sanglant - Where Are My

Yet another intriguing, nuanced album created in Montreal, this is Destroyalldreamers' first full-lenght. And what a powerful debut it is. This Quebecois band plays a strain of instrumental, atmospheric post-rock/shoegazing music. Guitarists Eric Quach and Mathieu Grisé create an echoey, layered interplay of tonalities that hover and shimmer. Their use of reverb and delay create slow, mesmerizing drifts of melody, Michèle Martin's solid bass lines and Shaun Doré's fluid drumming keep the music from floating away into the stratosphere. Each song lcreates its own mood and the band sometimes wisely contrasts full-on guitar space-outs with quieter, more reflective passages. This compelling record is reminiscent of Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky, while the resonating, ambient guitar tones could also be likened to those of Slowdive or Air Formation. The gorgeous, glacial track "Facultatives Imaginaires, en Robes et en Éclats" is elegant and stately with its reverberating, chorused, Cocteau-Twins-esque grandeur. Yet the music shouldn't be thought of as pure bliss or escapism, since in some songs, the minor moods and sonic torsions can create a pensive melancholy or introspective mood. The pathos of the music could almost remind one of Romantic-era classical music, in its impressions of emotional turmoil and dynamism. Very impressive stuff from a young band. (Michael Snyder)
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